Enjoyment & gastronomy

Nourish your body well, to make it a home your soul will love to dwell.

With out a doubt: There is no better way to round off a nice meal then with the right glas of wine. Like no other beverage, wine can offer a huge diversity, with all of its different forms and characteristic. It is our goal to find the right glas of wine for all the dishes we serve at our restaurant - from a simple Brotzeit up to sophisticated menus, we will find the right glas of wine for you. We deliberately keep our menu card brief, because we want to focus on regionality, quality, freshness and locally sourced produce. And of course we have a dish for any kind of taste: from vegetarian creations, classic German cuisine and hearty regional dishes. No matter if you choose one of your simple dishes or a intricate menu - we only use the best quality of goods and purchased predominantly from regional farmers, produced with love and expertise, so that we can serve it to you.


Regional Delicacies

As it is typical for the region, saisonal dishes and great wines are served in the old cross vault. The restaurant is open all year and is a beloved meeting point for lovers of wine. During the sommer months we have a table on the terrace ready for service. Alongside our new menu card menu, our chef de cuisine Mr. Lammers will recommend saisonal dishes.